First Principles

Everybody is writing software these days - it's so easy isn't it? You can bash together a few lines of Basic or C++ and it just works.

The troubles come later: perhaps you need to give the software to someone else, or you need to add another feature. Worst, the person who knocked together that handy application has long since left and you're carrying the can.

Software can be a little like DIY: there are a lot of jobs you can just do yourself but others you need to get a professional involved. Sometimes you don't realise you need a professional until it's too late.

PRIMUS was created to address a gap in the software services market:
  • Short Projects - most consultancies won't look at a project worth less than £10k
  • Full Disclosure - we prefer our clients to repeat business voluntarily
  • Fixed Price/Time - we're prepared to take a risk and go the extra mile to help you succeed