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Announcing a new kind of Software Consultancy

Software Design and Engineering services for Cambridge's "Silicon Fen" economic region

6th April 2008

For decades technology companies have suffered from a shortage of skilled staff. Often these experts are only required for short periods of time - months or even weeks. Furthermore there are fixed overheads associated with recruiting: finders' fees, office space, network capacity, phone lines, computers, desks, ...

PRIMUS uses a unique methodology and approach to outsourced software development that can address some or all of these issues. Through their four-step methodology PRIMUS actively partners with clients, assisting in all aspects of delivery, sharing risk and understanding the project in a wider context than just software development.

PRIMUS supplies software professionals individually or as a team or as a "helpdesk" available on call as and when required. Ready-formed teams are of particular interest to clients that recognise the costs of building a high performance team from scratch. Teams or individuals normally work at PRIMUS's fully equipped offices, visiting clients once per week to demonstrate progress and discuss next steps. PRIMUS staff can alternatively work at a client's site in the Cambridge area if clients have suitable facilities.

Above all, PRIMUS offer unparalleled professionalism though their founding principles which are commonplace in professions such as law and medicine - why should technology be different?