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Helping our clients beat the recession

Get ready for the upturn, in whatever guise it comes

27th February 2009

Times are tough, and they're probably going to get tougher. Nobody knows when the upturn will come but PRIMUS is ready to help innovative companies in the Cambridge "Silicon Fen" economic region grab that first opportunity of real growth.

Sadly, many companies (including some of our clients) have had to make redundancies. Apart from the not inconsiderable human cost, this retrenchment in technology capability can prevent companies from gaining maximum benefit from new opportunities as they arise.

PRIMUS is already helping companies fill the gap by making experts available for short-term fixed cost projects that see our clients return to a growth trajectory. Now more than ever costs must be closely controlled, and using PRIMUS new projects can be precisely budgeted without any long- or medium-term risk or overhead.

As certainly as spring follows winter, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Together we'll make the best we can of tough times and dream of the better days ahead.