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PRIMUS goes Agile with Scrum

We'll swarm over your software problems

20th April 2009

PRIMUS has kicked-off an initiative to get every member of technical staff trained in the Agile project management methodology known as Scrum. Working less like a Burger Bar and more like a Special Ops unit, Scrum turns traditional "waterfall" development on its head by giving power back to technical professionals via the mediation of a "Scrum Master".

Leading from the front (as ever!), company director Chris St John is now a Certified Scrum Master following a course held at Churchill College by Danube ScrumWorks. Chris commented "I'd heard the industry buzz about Scrum and I read Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle's book book but the course was a real eye-opener. So much of it made sense and during the course we achieved an enormous amount in just three sprints. Now I'm yet another Scrum evangelist!"

PRIMUS will continue to support Scrum and Agile methodologies and eagerly anticipates progression to Certified Scrum Practitioners.