Our off-the-shelf platforms are designed to minimise deployment cost and maximise development possibilities!

 Part No ImageSpecialityDescription
Robotic control from PC 4x Unipolar stepper motor drive
Single power supply
USB 2.0 compliant
SMS and GPRS remote systemExternal antenna for optimised signal
Easily accessible SIM socket
GPIO and Serial interfaces
Fully GSM quad-band compliant

 GPS Satellite PositioningThe size of your fingernail!
Tiny integrated high-gain antenna
12-channel SiRF based receiver
NMEA compliant
 Handheld devicesPowerful ARM Cortex processor
Graphic Touchscreen
3-axis tilt sensors
Microphone and Speaker
Micro SD card slot
Joystick and USB interface
Built-in Li-Ion battery

 ZigBee mesh remoteWireless multi-hop network
Environmental monitoring
ZigBee Profile implementations
Custom Profile Implementations
ZigBee Smart Energy
ZigBee Home Automation
 USB interfacingThe size of a thumb drive
Tiny on-board microprocessor
Endless interfacing possibilities
 Nano-ServerEthernet, 2x USB
Processor, Storage and RAM
Runs embedded Linux
Simple 5v power supply